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 Every King Needs A Queen
Derek Sampson
 Posted: Sep 27 2017, 01:13 PM
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32 years old
"Pain's just another prison. And I'm a free man"

Georgia Delilah
In Character: Georgia Delilah is the queen of crime... or at least she hopes to be. If Derek would ever bend the knee and actually propose instead of spending most of his time in prison. Still though, she can't pout at the life she has. Because of Derek, she lives in a top floor penthouse in Star City with the ability to buy almost anything she can get her hands on. Though those nights alone while he's out with the slime of the city are certainly lonely. With Derek out of prison, she'll be sure to want to continue to operation they started as they look towards taking over Star City for their own personal and criminal gain. She's quick, sassy, extremely bright, and almost as fearsome as Derek. In fact, some of the boys call her Queen Bee when Derek isn't around.

OOC: Thought I'd throw something out there and see if anyone is interested. Derek is looking for his crime queen to rule the world with. I'm thinking your typical crime queen, but I'm not so concerned about her background or story. Just that she and Derek are together trying to run the world with their crime and drug organization. Current play by isn't a must, I just kind of used her because Brandi and Cody are actually married irl. But if you have another inspired choice, feel free to run it by me! I have a lot of fun ideas for threads with these two. Derek returning to her after escaping prison, multiple failed dates where she gets ticked off that Derek is trying to do business instead of focusing on her, proposal gone wrong, hijacking, kidnappings, and much more. Think 'mob boss wife who isn't afraid to pull a gun' and that's my vision for her.

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