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Derek Sampson


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Sep 27 2017, 01:13 PM
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<div class="tell"><div class="background"><div class="told"><div class="magic">Georgia Delilah </div>
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<div class="yo"> In Character: Georgia Delilah is the queen of crime... or at least she hopes to be. If Derek would ever bend the knee and actually propose instead of spending most of his time in prison. Still though, she can't pout at the life she has. Because of Derek, she lives in a top floor penthouse in Star City with the ability to buy almost anything she can get her hands on. Though those nights alone while he's out with the slime of the city are certainly lonely. With Derek out of prison, she'll be sure to want to continue to operation they started as they look towards taking over Star City for their own personal and criminal gain. She's quick, sassy, extremely bright, and almost as fearsome as Derek. In fact, some of the boys call her Queen Bee when Derek isn't around.

<p>OOC: Thought I'd throw something out there and see if anyone is interested. Derek is looking for his crime queen to rule the world with. I'm thinking your typical crime queen, but I'm not so concerned about her background or story. Just that she and Derek are together trying to run the world with their crime and drug organization. Current play by isn't a must, I just kind of used her because Brandi and Cody are actually married irl. But if you have another inspired choice, feel free to run it by me! I have a lot of fun ideas for threads with these two. Derek returning to her after escaping prison, multiple failed dates where she gets ticked off that Derek is trying to do business instead of focusing on her, proposal gone wrong, hijacking, kidnappings, and much more. Think 'mob boss wife who isn't afraid to pull a gun' and that's my vision for her.

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Sep 27 2017, 09:29 AM
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<div class="sun-six">Derek Sampson</div>
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<p><b>Background:</B> <p>After falling into a pit of the stardust drug, Derek Sampson'd body changed. No longer does he feel pain, his body quickly heals itself, and is significantly stronger than before. After two battles with the Arrow of Star City, Derek found himself in the metahuman containment center of Iron Heights. He was able to break out though and is looking to cement his place as a crime boss in multiple cities. He has his army of thugs behind him as he looks to steal the materials to create a metahuman army just like him
<b>Friends:</B> Anyone who wants to join him in his quest to control Star and Central City. Villains and criminals who wan to rid the streets of vigilantes and see it return to the hard working drug dealers that make Star City what it is. He isn't just thinking about one city though, now Derek looks to have a stronghold over Star City, Central City, Hub City, and Coast City.
<b>Foes:</b> There's a lot of vigilantes out there that want to stop him. In fact, it seems whatever city he is in there's a whole new group of hooded and caped freaks who want to put him down. It's kinda hard to put down someone who keeps getting back up. Sure, Derek can take a good punch. But he can throw a good one too. As he's setting up his operations in each town, he's certain to run into a few 'heroes' who want to stop him.
<b>Lovers:</b> This will be up in a wanted ad soon. I've got to create her first. I'm thinking a play-by of Brandi Rhodes, obviously. But I'm thinking your typical crime lord mafia girlfriend who's been waiting in their penthouse for him to get out of prison so they can rule the world. If you're like "THAT SOUNDS AWESOME I WANT TO BE THAT!" let me know and we'll create her together!
<b>OOC:</b> I noticed there aren't a lot of evil dudes on the board, and I'm a HUGE Cody fan, so I'm taking this chance to bring him in. So if you're a hero and need a bad guy to toss around or to toss you around for a bit, let me know! I'm going with the "pushing drugs-crime boss" gimmick for him so he could show up in any town.



<center><div style="Width: 360px; font-family: calibri; font-size: 7px; margin-top: 5px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 100%;"><a href="">THANKS</a> <a href="">FELICITY</a>!</DIV></CENTER>
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Sep 26 2017, 03:58 PM

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<div class="ocebody">
<div class="oceimg"><img src=""></div>
<div class="ocetitle">Derek Sampson</div>
<div class="ocesubs"> 32 | criminal | cody rhodes | mta</div>
<div class="ocecont"> "Pain's just another prison. And I'm a free man"
Derek Sampson has spent his life in and out of prison. Whether it be armed robbery, stealing cars, selling drugs, Derek has made a career out of being at the wrong end of the law. No matter who the other end of the law is, Derek has always stayed the same. One day its the Star City Police Department, another day its some freak in a green hood, another day its some hot shot mayor looking to clean the streets. Derek has been the constant while the other end of the spectrum has been a revolving door.
Which is why Derek had quite the career for himself for many years. He had worked himself up from drug dealer to crime boss, and stashed away a healthy amount of money along the day. His drug of choice was named "stardust", what a stupid name for a drug. But branding aside, the poor and needy of Star City ate it up to soothe their minds from their miserable lives. And Derek sat back, counting each dollar as his cut rolled in. He and his team sold that drug for quite some time before the SCPD even knew it was being passed around the the streets. then that district attorney came knocking at his door, just another flashy badge trying to "clean up the streets of Star City" like so many before him.
Just as Sampson was about to work out a deal with the new district attorney, that plan went to hell.He found himself being attacked by some vigilante and ended up crashing into a vat of the stardust. He was left for dead in that vat, to be killed by his own creation. In fact, not even Derek is sure what happened. Derek's condition was so messed up by a mix of chemicals, altering him on a molecular level, that he was mistaken for dead by the police, the prosecution, and the coroners. By the time he woke up from his condition, Derek was about to be sliced on the coroner's table for an autopsy report. Derek attacked the coroner, killing the man, and commenting on how he didn't feel anything.
Derek made his way out of the station and back to his gang. Derek announced that drug dealing was too small of an operation, and decided to start thinking big by creating an army of meta-humans with the same formula that gave him his superpowers to take Star City back. Derek's gang then went on a raid stealing a Molecular Transmodality Processor to refine the formula that would allow to create new mutated thugs for his gang.
It wasn't long before Team Arrow targeted Sampson's hideout once again, with Holt setting up an explosive to destroy the gang's supply of the refined Stardust and the Molecular Transmodality Processor. Sampson fought the Green Arrow once again, taunting him with the mention of his newfound powers. However, he was defeated when the vigilante sliced through his tendons, making Derek unable to walk. The next day, he was apprehended by the police and finally arrested. With his superhuman traits, Sampson was placed in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights. Later he is freed because Chase's prosecutions are discredited, and allied with Prometheus against Green Arrow to release Claybourne's weaponized tuberculosis in Star City. Eventually after a second battle with the Green Arrow, he was defeated and returned back to the metahuman wing of Iron Heights.
He now sits in prison, plotting his escape which he knows is coming very soon. All he needs is the right time and place, the right moments. And when that time comes, he's going to destroy Star City and rebuild it in his own image.

<div class="ocesubs"> roleplay example</div>
<div class="ocecont">

Derek sat there in prison, his hands gently clasped to yet another book. This time, excerpted from Mark Twain. The prison library, especially in the metahuman section of Iron Heights, was basically barren. He'd gone through almost every book and had now gotten to the point where he was almost considering good behavior so that he could ask for a bigger selection. Was it worth it? Not at the moment. He knew his time here was limited, that the countdown to his escape had started the very moment he stepped back into the gates of Iron Heights. His new powers didn't make life tough either. In fact, once word got around about how the stardust drug had given him metahuman powers and abilities, he rarely had any trouble...
'There's the freak!' he heard from the side of the prison room.
Seemed like this was one of those rare occasions. Derek didn't give it any attention, he knew this would all end soon enough. A giant muscular guy marched over, his gang in tow as they chuckled to themselves and were starting to make a show out of it. "FREAK! YOU THINK YOU CAN READ!" the gang member yelled as he approached the table. Derek stopped him, lifting up a finger as if the man was simply a child interrupting his parents during a conversation. The man didn't seem too pleased and after Derek reach his stopping point in the book he shut it and put it down. The prisoner quickly shoved it out of the way and grabbed Derek by the collar to lift him to his feet. Sampson sighed, seeming almost bored at the spectral. "C'mon freak! You're nothing!" Derek yawned, which only seemed to get a chuckle out of the prisoners who knew all too well what Derek's case was. Finally, after the laughter became too much for the gang member prisoner he took a swing at Derek. His fist stopped right on his face, almost as if the prisoner had punch a steel beam.
A huge howl of pain echoed around the room as the prisoner shook his now broken hand that moments ago swing directly into Derek's jaw. He bounced back, and suddenly Sampson has him in an arm lock and pressed face down against the table. Slowly he wretched it out of joint, screams of crying pain bouncing off the metal walls as Derek slowly tore this man's limp from it's socket. "if you so much as even make my blink ever again..." Derek said, stopping the wrenching as he leaned down to the thug. "I swear to God, I will pull every bone out of your body... piece... by... piece..." Derek released the hold and the man went diving to the floor cradling his arm.
As for Derek, he simply picked up his book and returned back to his seat while medical people attended to the man. Licking his finger, he turned the page of his book and remained quietly calm as cries of pain rang out through the room. There was no need to make friends in this location. Soon enough, Derek would be free of this prison, just like his fall into the stardust chemical had freed him from the prison of pain. Then, Derek would get his revenge.

<div class="ocecreds">thanks <a href="">alyssa</a></div></div>
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