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Oct 23 2017, 10:04 PM
Leo walked into Jitters and waited patiently in the relatively long line. Which was an unusual virtue that Leo had that he noticed quiet a few other speedsters didn't share with him. Patience. Maybe it was because Leo didn't have anything to do really. He didn't have a job on this Earth and he didn't know anyone really. Which suited him rather fine because no one knew that there was another speedster in Central City. After The Flash, Reverse Flash, Trajectory, Zoom, Kid Flash, Jessie Quick, and this self-proclaimed 'God of Speed', Savitar, Leo figured it was just best to keep his speed to himself for as long as he could and stay under the radar. Even Leo had heard of Savitar. Rumors always floated around the Speed Force. Although, Leo had developed his own theory on who Savitar really was. And his theory had nothing to do with deities.

Leo was dressed a bit more conservatively than he usually was. His hair was dirty blonde with a few electric blue streaks through it and it was tied back in a tight pony tail. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a white long sleeve shirt under it that had loops around his thumbs. His pants were a baggy black cargo style with a wallet chain going from one of his belt loops into his back pocket. And his shoes were a pair of black running shoe with two white lightning bolts on the ankles. He also had a pair of white earbuds in his ears that connected to his phone. But he still stood out from the rest of the crowd as most of the crowd were dressed in a business casual attire.

The line took a while before it finally whittled down until Leo was the next person in line to be served. He looked around and while it seemed that no one was paying attention, he used his super speed to pull out his wallet, take some cash, and put his wallet back. And finally, it was his turn. "I'll take the biggest cup of the...Zoom?" He said almost in a questioning tone. "Sure sir, that'll be..." The barista started to say before Leo just handed her a hundred dollar bill. Leo hadn't quiet learned the monetary value system of this Earth quiet yet. But the bank he had stolen from had the most of these bills. And no one ever gave him a complaint when he used it to pay. "Just keep the change." He said almost coldly, without a care as he walked away and over to table that was empty and near a window.

He sat down and patiently waited for his drink while he looked out the window. Watching the comings and goings of the people of Central City. And for a while, he thought about how the people could just keep going with all the different threats that were going on in this Earth. Sure, on Earth-23, there were plenty of bad guys. But he so rarely had to get involved that it wasn't a big deal to him. There was only ever one other Speedster he knew of on his Earth but that Speedster died. This Earth already had more than a handful of them. And while he relished the opportunity to race against some, he didn't want to be outed just yet. And suddenly, he was snapped out of his thoughts by the sounds of the barista's voice. "Here you go sir. One extra large Zoom..."
Oct 23 2017, 05:14 PM
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<img src=""><br>
<div class="txthead">Leo</div>
<div class="txtsub">That's why I didn't tell you. You would have never been able to do it.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being the bad guy. I'll make all the life and death decisions while you're worrying about collateral damage. I'll even let them hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I'll be the one who keeps them alive...</div>

<div class="mercpls">Leo James Ancilidon. The speedster from Earth-23. One of the few true Anti-Heroes in a multiverse of Heroes and Villains. He claims he's a Keeper of the Balance.
But in all reality, he just doesn't let morals hold him back from doing what needs to be done.
Or having fun. He rarely gets involved with street level crime as he's less interested in saving the day than he is keeping the world spinning. When it comes to the major events, the world ending ones, that's when he uses his powers for good. But he's also not shy about using his powers when it will gain him something. If he's running low on cash, he'll speed into a bank and take what he wants. <p>

But, he never uses his powers to actively hurt innocents. And if he sees children being drug into a conflict, he will show absolutely no mercy to either side of the squabble. And he certainly isn't above killing bad enough bad guys. Especially if they have no hope of being rehabilitated. <p>

He himself was taken as a teenager from his family and experimented on, which is why he is so against children being involved in meta-human conflicts. He's also a brilliant violist and enjoys playing his violin whenever he can. His hair is always changing colors and his outfits are always a little on the punk/goth side. His Speedster suit is kept in a ring, Like the Reverse Flash's, and looks similar to Zooms. It's completely black except his a bit more shiny and there are two white lightning bolts on his chest. When running, his lightning is white and if he is in his suit, the black helps conceal where exactly his body is.</div></center><div>

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<a href="">▲</a><a href="">▲</a><a href="">▲</a>


Oct 22 2017, 12:51 AM

<link href="|Fjalla+One" rel="stylesheet">

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<div class="ocebody">
<div class="oceimg"><img src=""></div>
<div class="ocetitle">Leo Ancilidon</div>
<div class="ocesubs"> 24 | Violist | Jeff Hardy | The Lightning</div>
<div class="ocecont"> The truest example of an Anti-Hero if there ever was one. Leo, or "The Lightning" as he is called on Earth-23, is Earth-23's speedster. He was taken at a young age and experimented on by a secret government organization. They wanted to determine what would happen when they introduced tachyon particles along with an elixir that was suppose to give humans extraordinary abilities. However, the evening they injected Leo with this new concoction, there was a violent electrical storm.<p>

As soon as they started injecting Leo, his body started violently seizing as his body was trying to reject the injection. And by chance, or perhaps fate, a lightning bolt crashed through the ceiling and zapped Leo, which caused his heart to start beating so fast that the EKG wasn't able to read it. However, he was still breathing so the doctor's decided to sedate him to see if it had any effect on his heart rate. And sure enough, it started slowing enough that the monitors could read it again.<p>

So they kept him in a medically induced coma for over six months until his body started metabolizing the medicine they kept him on far faster than it could have any effect on him. And he woke up. It took him several weeks to realize what he could do and how to control it. The whole time, however, these 'scientists' were running experiments on him. Inflicting pain, forcing him to run as fast as he could, constantly taking blood and bone marrow and tissue samples.<p>

One day, Leo decided he had had enough and learned that he could phase through the restraints. Now, he could have escaped and there was nothing he could have done about it. But Leo was barely 19 at the time. And the only thing his mind was focused on was revenge. And he took it. He used his super speed to kill everyone, down to the janitor, at the research center. Not wanting to face his mother and sister after what he had done, Leo decided to go on the run.<p>

When Earth-23 was under siege by some new threat, he would suit-up and help out with other super heroes in order to make sure that his Earth kept spinning. However, he thought fighting street crime and other low level stuff was beneath him. And he certainly wasn't opposed to robbing a bank if he needed money. After all, he felt the world owed him. But soon, he grew bored with Earth-23. There was no one really interesting enough to keep him there. And then an event happened that opened up a worm hole into another universe. It took him a while, but he learned how to run fast enough and use the Speed Force in order to hop to different Earth's. And after searching for a few months, he finally stumbled upon Earth Prime. </div>
<div class="ocesubs"> roleplay example</div>
<div class="ocecont"> Leo yawned as he cracked his neck and played at the ring with a black lightning bolt on his right ring finger. He found quiet a few more interesting things on this particular Earth than the others he had already ventured to. He was sitting in the Central City's Big Belly Burger restaurant. "Good to know that some things are multi-versal wide..." He thought to himself as he ate his third burger and sipped on his fourth strawberry milkshake. He occasionally dipped a group of three or four french fries into the milkshake before eating them.<p>

His hair was a bright orange color and tied back in a tight pony tail. He was wearing a simple white muscle shirt and a pair of black, baggy cargo pants. His feet had black running shoes with a red streak along the center of it. This was pretty much how he dressed on all of the seven different Earth's he had been to. Leo had been around just in time to see the race between this Earth's "Flash" and some different speedster named "Zoom". "What a lame ass nickname..." He thought to himself about Zoom. But then again, maybe he didn't come up with it? If Leo had to have picked his nickname, he would have picked something better than "The Lightning". But that's all people saw when he ran. White Lightning.<p>

He took out a "Flash" wallet that he had stolen from a store when he had just got to this Earth and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and placed it on the table while he was finishing his last milkshake. The waitress was a little amazed at how much food this one guy could put away. Or maybe she was shocked from his look. The big sleeve of tattoo on his right arm and his bright colored hair. It didn't bother him one way or another. He cracked his neck again and started walking out.
"Sir! Your change..." the waitress came running after him. "Keep it..." He said casually and walked out with his hands in his pockets.</div>
<div class="ocecreds">thanks <a href="">alyssa</a></div></div>
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