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Oct 3 2017, 02:17 AM
Hiya guys

Just to let you know that on Saturday Oct 7 I will be getting married <3

So for the rest of this week and for part of next week I won't be around as much and posting will be slow.

I'll try not to leave you all hanging for too long.

This Effects
Caitlin Snow
Thea Queen
Iris West
Killer Frost

Hugs all

Sep 28 2017, 12:46 PM
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<h1>Member Directory </h1>

Once accepted please come and post here so we know who plays who. :-)

Lilly Scott - Hero<br />

Caitlin Snow - Civillian <br/>
Iris West - Civillin <br/>
Killer Frost - Metahuman <br/>
Thea Queen - Hero<br />

Suzanne King-Jones - Hero<br/>

Oliver Queen- Hero<br />

Felicity Smoak - Hero<br />
Rip Hunter - Legend<br />

Dinah Laurel Lance (Earth 2) - Metahuman<br/>
Kara Danvers - Hero <br/>
Laurel Lance - Hero <br/>
Ronnie Raymond - Hero<br/>
Sara Lance - Legend <br/>
Laurel Lance(Earth 3) - Hero</br>

Alex Danvers - DEO <br/>
Barry Allen - Hero <br/>

<h3> Morana</h3>
Leonard Snart - Legends<br/>

<h3> MTA</h3>
Derek Sampson - Villian <br/>
Roy Harper - Hero <br/>

Bruce Wayne - Hero<br/>

<h3> Rory</h3>
Anne Haskins - Metahuman<br/>
HR.Wells - Civilian <br/>

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