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 Rules, Read before applying
Admin Jess
 Posted: Sep 11 2017, 04:30 PM
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    1. This is a ROLEPLAY site!
    Everyone here is here for a common interest. I will not stand for people not RPing with other people. You cannot "Snub" people, and you have no reason to be afraid of other people, mmkay? You need diversity. Roleplay with people, even if you don't care for their character. I'm not saying everyone needs to be best buds with each other, but I'm just saying -- if you see a RP post that's gone ignored for a week, reply to it.

    2. Don't try to control the plot
    It might not seem like it, but this RP has a structured plot for each term. Don't try to make a huge plot out of what should just stay a character plot. The only people allowed to do that will know who they are. However, there is nothing against making small plots between other characters. I.E. - She cheated on me!, You're my long-lost brother, etc.

    3. Graphics are allowed in your RP posts
    I know we've got some graphics people here. If you have a picture of your charrie, or a picture of the spot where you're at, you're allowed to put it in the RP post. In fact, I encourage it! If you'd like graphics but don't know how to make them yourself but know a member who does you may ask if they'd be willing to make you some. Just remember if they say no then you shouldn't pressure them. Be polite. And if they make you some remember to thank them and give them credit.

    4. Roleplay in the past-tense, third person.

    Like so:
    Tanya wondered aloud wether or not it would rain.

    Don't RP in the first person..
    I told her it wasn't supposed to rain until Thursday.

    And don't RP in the present...
    At this exact moment, it starts raining.

    5. Don't post actions in * *

    6. Post all dialogue in " "
    You may bold or color your dialogue if you wish. It makes it easier to see.

    7. Post all OOC comments in ((Double Parenthesis)) at the end of your posts.

    8. Post all thoughts in underlined italics

    9. Respect Fate.
    Due to a lot of RPers these days controlling other people's
    characters/being Mary-Sues, this RP comes equipped with Fate. If you
    try to defy Fate, you'll only make it worse for yourself. The Fates have
    permission to dispense cruel and unusual punishment for you and your
    character, and also have the ability to edit your posts. Also, if you send a PM
    to the Fates asking them why they did something, you'll just make it worse.
    However, your character can make a "request" to the Fates via PM, and they
    will contemplate what you ask. (PMs should be IC). Fate controls things for a
    REASON. Your character might be instructed to do something he otherwise
    wouldn't do. It's for a REASON. Be glad you get to be part of the plot.

    10. Concerning Post Length and content
    This site is meant to be for experienced RPers. Mature content WILL ensue. That
    being said, I'm not going to ask you to prove anything. The ability to do 3-6 paragraphs is a must,. and if I see you posting a bunch of one-liners, you will be contacted.
    If I see you posting with the grammar skills of a seven-year-old, I will assume
    you ARE seven, in which case you shouldn't be here. If it's a problem with
    english, it's just as bad. I UNDERSTAND the language barrier, but this site is
    for experienced RPers in english. This is not a site for improving those skills.

    11. This site is rated RP 17+
    This means that if you are 12, you shouldn't be here. But I know that some
    people are exposed to things at a young age. So long as you're grammar is
    okay, I don't really care. But don't get offended when you come across things
    that aren't family-friendly.

    Things ALLOWED: Drug references, moderate swearing, mild
    drug/alcohol use (Though the school rules prohibit them), adult situations,
    violence, alluding to sexual intercourse, mild prejudice.

    Things NOT ALLOWED: The F bomb, the N word, any OOC Drama,
    racial/religious discrimination (I don't want to see degrading nicknames!).
[rules subject to change]

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