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 I'm In Love With A Fairytale..., Plot with an Anti-Hero Speedster
Leo Ancilidon
 Posted: Oct 23 2017, 05:14 PM
9 posts
24 years old
The Lightning
© Leo

That's why I didn't tell you. You would have never been able to do it. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being the bad guy. I'll make all the life and death decisions while you're worrying about collateral damage. I'll even let them hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I'll be the one who keeps them alive...
Leo James Ancilidon. The speedster from Earth-23. One of the few true Anti-Heroes in a multiverse of Heroes and Villains. He claims he's a Keeper of the Balance. But in all reality, he just doesn't let morals hold him back from doing what needs to be done. Or having fun. He rarely gets involved with street level crime as he's less interested in saving the day than he is keeping the world spinning. When it comes to the major events, the world ending ones, that's when he uses his powers for good. But he's also not shy about using his powers when it will gain him something. If he's running low on cash, he'll speed into a bank and take what he wants.

But, he never uses his powers to actively hurt innocents. And if he sees children being drug into a conflict, he will show absolutely no mercy to either side of the squabble. And he certainly isn't above killing bad enough bad guys. Especially if they have no hope of being rehabilitated.

He himself was taken as a teenager from his family and experimented on, which is why he is so against children being involved in meta-human conflicts. He's also a brilliant violist and enjoys playing his violin whenever he can. His hair is always changing colors and his outfits are always a little on the punk/goth side. His Speedster suit is kept in a ring, Like the Reverse Flash's, and looks similar to Zooms. It's completely black except his a bit more shiny and there are two white lightning bolts on his chest. When running, his lightning is white and if he is in his suit, the black helps conceal where exactly his body is.

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