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 Meeting Someone New!!!
Lilly Scott
 Posted: Sep 15 2017, 10:21 PM
Lilly Scott
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21 years old
© Amber
"Speed is part of my life!!"

Dash aka Lilly Scott speeds around the city on Earth 3. She speed into Star City of her earth. She saw a ship that was from her earth. She speed up to the ship but not to close. She was just close to see the people coming off the ship. She than took off to find the Flash of her earth to let them know what she saw. When she got back the ship seemed to be gone. But she was only gone for a short time.

She speed around the area something didn't seem right. She knew when something was off and this was one of the times. Lilly heard voices as she turned the corner. "Where did you come from?"She ask speeding up to the people standing there. A tall blonde woman and two men. She looks at them waiting for a answer. She speed up closer to them to get a closer look. She saw a weapon on two of them. She speed up to the grabbing the weapons from them.

"You are not allowed to on them you are breaking the law."She said to them as she speed off with the weapons. She speed back with them looking at her pissed off. She speed around them really fast. "Now answer me who are you?"She asked them again before sliding nearby them. She wasn't about to let them off the hook she didn't even know if they broke any other crimes.

tag || @Oliver Queen, @Leonard Snart . || notes || Speeds Not The Answer!!

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