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 Bats Night Out, TAG: Open
Bruce Wayne
 Posted: Sep 28 2017, 11:07 PM
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27 years old
The Batman
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"Not everything, not yet."

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He wouldn't be in Star city forever. Not as he saw it. But he did know that he had work to do while he was here, and he couldn’t leave until he had at least somewhat gotten something out of it. Business was one thing, spreading influence here would be important but secondary in the grand scheme. He needed to get out there and get what he had really come for...a face to face with some of the heroes of the city. Or villains, as he saw it. He was brand new in Gotham, but as it were he was late to the ‘cape’ situation. He heard rumors of multiple ‘archers’ and ‘speedsters’ in this city, keeping his ear to the ground. But rumors and out of focus camera shots weren’t enough for Bruce Wayne. No, he’d need real evidence.

For the first time in Star City, he donned his costume. Jet Black, armored and flexible. A belt holding everything he needed. A cape that he could electrical currents through to harden and shape how he saw fit. He had rented a beautiful apartment in a high rise and had chosen one that had windows that could be opened. Using that to his advantage, fully costumed and prepared mentally...he found himself getting to the roof of the skyscraper, overlooking much of the city. A crack of thunder overhead signaled a storm approached, which was probably more fitting to the night ahead of him than he would have imagined. A finger coming up to tap one of the two pointed ears as he’d tap into the radio broadcast system of the city, police scanners and the like. It didn’t take him long for a signal about an alarm at a jewelery store to go off, and he sprung into action. Legs pushing him off the roof and cape catching the wind as he’d glide over top of the city towards the the location of the alarm.

Arriving on the rooftop of the adjacent building, the Bat was there far before any police vehicles had arrived. Or, as he saw it, before any vigilante’s had. Sharp, trained eyes peeling over the streets and roof tops, watching for the sign of any incoming intruder...bow wielding or running fast. His cape pulled in a bit to drape and cover his mouth, leaving only his eyes the non jet black color visible on his person. He’d only wait a bit, before springing into action on his own to stop the criminals...the arrival of another vigilante no matter to him. His wrist, hidden below his cape would be taped and a set of ‘eyes’ would slide down like glasses within the inner layer of the helmet. Set to scan for thermal signatures in a hot city wouldn’t be perfect, so he kept that feature off. But he did turn on recording, as he saw it, if he was going to get up close and personal to one of these people...he’d learn as much as he could about them, it was what Bruce Wayne did.

But his train of thought was broken, as someone approached.


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