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Kara Danvers


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Sep 15 2017, 03:04 PM
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.descrip { border-left: 10px solid #EBC3DB; border-right: 10px solid #EBC3DB; padding: 5px; width: 240px; background-color: white; font-family: calibri; font-size: 11px; color: #2b2c28; text-align: justify; }


<div style="font-family: raleway; text-align: center; text-shadow: -1px -1px 0 #2B2C28, 1px -1px 0 #2B2C28, -1px 1px 0 #2B2C28, 1px 1px 0 #2B2C28; color: #EBC3DB; letter-spacing: -5px; font-size: 70px;"><b>Kara Danvers</b></div><br><br>

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<br><div class="groupname">friends</div><br>

<div class="descrip">Kara has many friends, all of them meaning so much to her and she's willing to do anything for them. James Oleson, Winn Schott, Cat Grant and Lena Luthor. </div>

<Br><br><div class="groupname">enemies</div><br>

<div class="descrip">Kara has many enemies including Cadmus, Rhea of Daxam who she recently defeated and anyone else who threatens those she cares about most. </div>

<br><br><div class="groupname">family</div><br>

<div class="descrip">Alex Danvers, Eliza Danvers and Jeremiah Danvers Kara are Kara's adoptive family who raised her when she came to earth. Kara is closest to Alex and would do anything for her sister, even sacrifice herself to keep her sister safe if that's what it took. Kara also considers J'onn Jones to be a part of her family and cares for him a lot too. </div>

<Br><br><div class="groupname">romantic</div><br>

<div class="descrip">Kara briefly dated Adam Foster, Cat Grant's son but broke up with him when her being Supergirl made her worry that she would put him at risk. She was crushing on James Oleson for a time and briefly dated him but things changed for her and she decided they were better as friends. Then she became close to Mon El Of Daxam and fell in love with him but had to sacrifice her relationship to save the world when she released lead dust into the air of National City to get rid of Rhea and the other Daxamites threatening her home. Now she's trying to find a cure of Mon El's allergy to lead so she can reunite with the man she loves and bring him home. </div>

<Br><br><div class="groupname">other</div><br>

<div class="descrip">Kara always tries to see the best in people and usually does unless they threaten her or someone she cares about. She likes meeting new people and making new friends. </div>



<div style="font-size: 7px; font-family: tahoma;"><a href="">ELENA @ CC</a></div>



<div style="font-family: raleway; text-align: left; line-height: 10px; text-shadow: -1px -1px 0 #2B2C28, 1px -1px 0 #2B2C28, -1px 1px 0 #2B2C28, 1px 1px 0 #2B2C28; color: #EBC3DB; letter-spacing: -5px; font-size:  50px; text-align: center;">name & name</div><br>
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your lovely plotting information goes here!! </div>


Sep 13 2017, 02:07 PM

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<div class="ocebody">
<div class="oceimg"><img src=""></div>
<div class="ocetitle">Kara Danvers</div>
<div class="ocesubs"> 25 | Reporter At Catco | Melissa Benoist | Supergirl</div>
<div class="ocecont"> Due to her being a new superhero, Kara unfortunately does not have the confidence that her cousin Clark Kent possesses. She is also sometimes short-tempered and sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her. But after being a hero for a year she gained more confidence in herself and her abilities and get a better grip on her emotions out on the field.
Kara is also very forgiving and willing to give people several chances hoping to help her aunt Astra find redemption, though ultimately didn't' get the chance because Alex killed her. However, despite her adopted sister killing her aunt Kara chose to forgive her. She is also willing to look past Lena Luthor's ties to the Luthor family seeing her as her own person, whereas many are unwilling to look past her relation to Lex Luthor.
Despite her intellect, Kara is shown to have lesser knowledge about the universe, due to the fact that she was in her early teens when she left Krypton at the time of its destruction.
Despite loving her parents as a child, since becoming Supergirl, Kara has learned much more about the people they really were and has become quite disgusted and enraged with them. She learned that Alura used her as a means to arrest Astra for her crimes which ironically were an attempt to save Krypton, as Alura was one of the many who refused to accept its impending fate, this made Kara especially resentful towards her mother, though she soon considered that her mother believed that the alternative of using Myriad to control the populace was unethical and an action not worth taking, but not to the point of defending her mother's unspeakable actions; as Alura was one of the reasons why Krypton was destroyed in the first place. She also learned that father, Zor-El developed the Medusa Virus as a means to kill all lifeforms other than Kryptonian, as a means to defend Krypton from invasion. This especially angered Kara as Medusa would later end up in the hands of Lillian Luthor, who would try to use it to kill all alien life in National City; the more she learns about her parents' true natures, the more Kara feels ashamed of being their daughter.
Kara has a good and loving relationship with her adopted parents; Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, although she addressed them by their first names instead of as "dad" and "mom". She was devastated when her adopted father had apparently died and was happy to later discover that he was alive. Despite her affection, she had no blind spot for her adopted father, so much that when Mon-El pointed out that Jeremiah may be working with Cadmus and turned his allegiance, she was reluctant to believe it at first, however, once her best friend Winn Schott told her that he caught Jeremiah trying to infiltrate the D.E.O. systems - she started coming to the same suspicions as Mon-El, which ultimately turned out to be correct, much to her horror and devastation.
Kara has also shown unwavering loyalty in her friends. For example, when everyone else thought Lena broke her step-mother out of prison she refused to believe that she was guilty, also when most members the Legends, Team Arrow, and Cisco Ramon didn't trust Barry after he altered the timeline Kara, Oliver Queen, Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein still trusted him, mainly because these said teams members and Cisco were all being hypocritical; as Kara would have done exactly the same thing Barry did, if she was in an emotional state, and not thinking clearly. Kara also cares deeply about her friends and family and will do everything she can to help them, or cheer them up when they are sad, and save them even if it risks her own life to do so.
Kara also has shown that she is willing to die for her adopted home world but also shown that she will do what needs to be done to save it. Weather it's sacrificing her own life to do so and also giving up her own happiness our even regrettable kill someone to do so. For example she gave parasite one more chance to stand down and give up but parasite was too far gone and seeing how dangerous and not having the means to contain him she had to overload him with so much energy that it destroyed him. When Rhea broke her promise and started to destroy national city and kill humans and threatened to annihilate the rest of the planet, with Mon-El blessing she turned on Lex's device filling earth atmosphere with lead now making it impossible for all Daximites to be on earth. This killed Rhea and sense Mon-El had absorbed yellow sun radiation he was able to withstand it for some time so Kara brought him back to his pod and they said their goodbyes to each other and she gave him her mother's necklace so that he wouldn't be alone wherever he goes. </div>
<div class="ocesubs"> roleplay example</div>
<div class="ocecont">Kara had changed since she’d been forced to sacrifice her relationship with Mon El in order to save his life and even though she tried to be strong and deal with the pain of losing him the pain was still really fresh and she longed to be with him again but with the lead dust still lingering in the air she knew it was too dangerous for him to come back but that didn’t stop her from wanting him back with her.
A knock at her door made the heartbroken young woman turn from the tv towards the door, “Alex, I told you I didn’t want to talk anymore.” She shouted, thinking it was her sister trying to reach her again, to get her to talk but Kara didn’t want to talk.
When the knocking persisted she heaved a frustrated sigh and shoved herself to her feet, storming across the room and yanking open the door, prepared to demand her sister leave but before she could say a word she found herself face to face with Mon El standing in front of her. And he wasn’t sick anymore. He was as healthy as he’d been before the dust had been released into the air. She opened her mouth to ask him how but before she could get the words out he was kissing her and all she wanted to do then was kiss him back and that’s exactly what she did as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.</div>
<div class="ocecreds">thanks <a href="">alyssa</a></div></div>
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