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Dinah Laurel Lance


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Sep 25 2017, 09:35 PM


Prison gates won't open up for me
On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'
Well I'm terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can't hold my soul in
All I need is you, and I scream for you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'

    hands on the mirror FAMILY
    can't get much clearer MOTHER
    can't make this all go away FATHER
    now that you're bleeding SISTER
    you stare at the ceiling BROTHER
    watch as it all fades away OTHER FAMILY (SPECIFY)
    believe it or not FIRST NAMES
    everyone has things that they hide ACQUANTANCES
    believe it or not FAKE FRIENDS
    everyone keeps most things inside WISH YOU WERE [MY FRIEND]
    believe it or not BY ASSOCIATION
    everyone, believe in something above FRIEND OF A FRIEND
    believe it or not FAMILY FRIEND
    everyone needs to feel loved SECRET FRIENDS
    but we don't, and we won't DRINKING FRIENDS
    until we figure out SO-AND-SO
    could someone deliver us AVERAGE
    and send us some kind of sign PARTY FRIENDS
    so close to giving up AVERAGE
    because faith is so hard to find GOOD
    most of us feel like we’re losing ground CLOSE
    most of us wanna know why we're here BEST
    could someone deliver us BEST GUY
    and send us some kind of sign BEST GIRL
    because faith is hard to find CONFIDANT
    believe it or not PARTNERS IN CRIME
    everyone needs advice on how to get along LIKE FAMILY
    but we don’t, and we won’t FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS
    i like your pants around your feet IT’S COMPLICATED
    and I like the dirt that's on your knees FLEETING GLANCES
    and I like the way you still say please DREAMS OF YOU
    while you're looking up at me FLIRT
    you're like my favourite damn disease ONE SIDED CRUSH [SPECIFY]
    and I love the places that we go MUTUAL CRUSH
    and I love the people that you know ONE SIDED ATTRACTION
    and I love the way you can't say no MUTUAL ATTRACTION
    too many long lines in a row PHYSICAL TENSION
    i love the powder on your nose TEMPTATION
    and now I know who you are CHEMISTRY
    it wasn't that hard PURE LUST
    just to figure you out ONE NIGHT STAND
    i like the freckles on your chest FLING
    and I like the way you like me best FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS
    and I like the way you're not impressed SECRET
    while you put me to the test PAST [GOOD]
    i like the white stains on your dress PAST [BAD]
    and I love the way you pass the check PAST [STILL TENSION]
    and I love the good times that you wreck LOVE/HATE
    and I love your lack of self-respect ON AND OFF
    while you passed out on the deck CURRENT
    i love my hands around your neck POSSIBLE FUTURE
    and now i know who you are FUTURE
    it wasn’t that hard TRUE LOVE
    just to figure you out FINAL
    well you can dig me up a grave DON’T SPEAK
    and try to stick me in the ground FOE OF A FRIEND
    well you can tie me to the bed ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS
    and try and beat me half to death COMPETITION
    but you can never keep me down FRIENDLY RIVALRY
    well you can stick me in a hole RIVALRY
    and you can pray all day for rain ANNOYANCE
    you can shoot me in the leg ONE SIDED DISLIKE
    just to try to make me beg MUTUAL DISLIKE
    and you can leave me there for days VERBAL FIGHTS
    you can steal me the keys PHYSICAL FIGHTS
    to your daddy's Cadillac ONE SIDED HATRED
    you can tamper with the brakes MUTUAL HATRED
    then call it a mistake FRIEND TURNED FOE
    and pray I'm never coming back ENEMY
    but you can never keep me down WISH DEATH UPON
    throw a stone into the water HAVEN’T MET
    the ripple is broken INDIFFERENT
    now burn the baby MIXED FEELINGS
    just for holding the candle JEALOUSY
    and take it all back FEAR
    search for justice RESPECT
    it doesn’t live here anymore ADMIRATION
    i bothered not to believe PROTECTION
    and why do you see me in this way MENTOR
    i don’t ask for much anymore MENTEE

This plotpage was made by Ruby
All lyrics are by Nickelback. Please
credit when taking the plotpage.
You may alter the color codes,
and even the lyrics, but don’t
forget to still credit for the
layout and body. Thanks <3

Sep 23 2017, 08:09 PM

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<div class="ocebody">
<div class="oceimg"><img src=""></div>
<div class="ocetitle">Laurel Lance</div>
<div class="ocesubs"> 32 | Detective at CCPD | Katie Cassidy | Jess</div>
<div class="ocecont"> Laurel Lance's history is much like her earth 1 counterparts up until the Gambit trip. Instead of just Oliver and his father going it was the entire Queen family that went. When the Gambit went down and the reports hit the news, Laurel was so grief stricken over the loss of Oliver that she decided she couldn't remain in Starling City so she packed up and moved to Central City, where she got her degree in forensics and eventually joined the CCPD, working her way up to the rank of Detective where she found herself partnered with Barry Allen who was also a detective in this world. Laurel and Barry became close friends as well as partners and spent a lot of time together outside of work and eventually the two began dating.</p>

<p>The night of the particle accelerator explosion they were out in the field working a case and both were affected by it. They each ended up in a coma for months and when they finally woke up they found themselves in Star Labs with Earth 3 Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick as well as Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon who worked there and had been tending to Laurel and Barry since they were brought to Star Labs. It isn't long before Barry finds out he has superspeed and when Laurel is attacked later by another meta she discovers she has a sonic scream that makes others ears bleed when they're in hearing range.</p>

<pFreaked out by what she can do, Laurel searches for a way to get rid of her ne@>2w metahuman abilities but when she uses them to help save Barry she finds out they're not as bad as she first thought and instead begins learning to control them the same time as Barry is learning to control his.</p></div>
<div class="ocesubs"> roleplay example</div>
<div class="ocecont"> Laurel didn't remember much about what had happened to her after Dhark's prison escape that night over a year ago when he'd stabbed her with one of Oliver's arrows, his opening having been given when his idol was restore, giving him his magic back and allowing him to freeze the team of vigilantes unable to move, leaving Laurel helpless to try to stop him from fatally injuring her. She'd somehow known she was going to die in the hospital, though at the time she hadn't been sure how she'd known. She just had. She remembered making Oliver promise not to let her be the last Canary and then everything had gone black. Now she was suddenly alive, in a city she didn't recognize and feeling more alone then she had felt in a very long time.
Somehow she was dressed in her Black Canary suit even though she knew that she hadn't been dressed in it after she'd gone through surgery and been brought to the room where she was to stay once admitted. Nothing was familiar, this wasn't even her home. So where was she? And how did she get there. Finding a public bathroom she did check to see if she had really been stabbed or if she had dreamt it all. When checked her stomach, the area where she arrow had entered her body and found the scar that marred her otherwise unblemished skin of her stomach. Once she knew that she hadn't dreamt it she redressed and left the restroom and wandered the streets, hoping to find something familiar, or at least something to give her some hint as to where she might be and maybe even how she'd gotten there.
As she wandered the streets of this strange city, staying away from people, sticking to roofs and alleys she couldn't help but look for someone she could help, someone she could save, knowing that, that came from being The Black Canary. It was like a habit but she also liked to help people too so the desire to do so was more then just a habit. A sudden scream from a small alley between the building she was on currently and the one she planned to cross to caused her to stop and look down, trying to see what was going on before she decided to intervene. She saw several men who looked to be members of a gang, shove a woman against the wall and pin her there. She was trying to fight them but they were too strong and there was too many of them for her to fight off alone.
Without heasitating, the blonde vigilante leaped from the top of the building down to the fire escape not far below her and then leaped to the top of a vehicle that had been left in the alley at some point. The moment her feet hit the roof of the vehicle with a thud, the gang members looked towards her in surprise, clearly not expecting anyone to show up to help the woman they were assaulting. "Let her go." She told them as she lept to the ground, landing gracefully on her feet, staring the men down, making it clear she wasn't going to ask them again if they chose not to listen to her. "Get lost." One snapped as he advanced towards her. "Don't say I didn't warn you." She said, moving into a defensive stance. She ducked as the man swung at her, then in a matter of seconds she was fighting, engaging in a violent, graceful fight that would have made her sister proud if she could have seen her then.
Suddenly a hard blow from one of the other men knocked her to the ground and she was forced to roll out of their reach, dazed and angry she'd been caught off guard. She blocked the next blow but took another one and felt a touch of fear and rage as she was backed into the wall at the alley's end. It was the rage that did it and suddenly, without any warning, she screamed, but the scream came out different then it did when she used the Canary Cry collar that Cisco had given her. She could see the sonic waves that left her mouth and could the three men get thrown backwards from the sheer force of the waves. A horrified and terrified look formed on her face and before the men could recover enough to get back to their feet she fled, leaving the downed men alone in the now otherwise vacant alleyway.
She was freaked out by what had happened, knowing that somehow she had been the one to produce the sonic scream, especially when she placed her fingers to her neck and found her Canary Cry collar was missing. She found an abandoned building that had a window broken and got inside, deciding to hide there, at least for the time being. She had to figure out what was happening to her, and hopefully soon.
By morning the news of a masked blonde woman in black leather had reached CatCo and of course everyone wanted to know who this vigilante was, especially when one of the men told a reporter that the woman had unleashed a scream like he'd never heard before, a scream that had enough force to throw him and his friends across the alley. Of course Cat wanted to know who the woman was and she wanted to know if Supergirl knew her, no one knowing yet that the mysterious blonde woman in black leather wasn't even from National City, let alone this earth and the terrified blonde woman wasn't coming forward to reveal herself so far. Cat of course wanted to find her and interview her before any other newspaper could. Laurel just wanted to find out what was happening to her and find a way to return to her home, but first she needed to find someone who could help her and she had no idea where to look first.</div>
<div class="ocecreds">thanks <a href="">alyssa</a></div></div>
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