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Sep 19 2017, 01:49 AM
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Iris West //<br>
Journalist //<br>
Central City//<br>
Civilian //<br>
<3: Barry Allen //<br>
Team Flash//

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Iris West:<p> Happy go lucky investigative Journalist for Central City Picture News.
<h1>family and friends //</h1>
Family and friends are everything to Iris. They mean the world to her.<p>
Joe West: Father.<p>
Wally West: Brother <p>
Barry Allen: Adoptive Brother. <p>
Barry Allen <p>
Caitlin Snow <p>
Cisco Raymond <p>
Team Arrow<p>
The rest of Team Flash <p>
<h1>enemies //</h1>
None that she knows of yet.<p>
<h1>lovers //</h1>
Iris never seems to have much luck when it comes to love until she realised it was Barry she needed to ne with.<p>
Eddie Thawne: Deceased Fiance.<p>
Barry Allen: Current Fiance
Sep 18 2017, 04:51 PM

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<div class="ocetitle">Iris West</div>
<div class="ocesubs"> 28 | Reporter| Candice Patton | Dani</div>
<div class="ocecont">

Iris was born in the summer of 1989 to two wonderful parents. Joe and Franciene. To start she had a wonderful child hood at home in Central City where she was born and raised and lived a happy normal enjoyable life. But it wasn't the all American dream for long. When she was young a fire started at home when it was her and my mom at home. It was a scary time for the young girl. Her Dad and his then partner ( dad's a cop) showed up and saved her from the fire that would devistate and change her life forever. Iris was saved from the fire, but her mom wasnt so lucky. She died and Iris was left to grow up with out a mother. Or thats what she was lead to believe until she was much much older and an adult.<p>

Her father then told her the truth. Her mom was alive...and she had a brother. Wally. Iris got to know her mom for a very brief period before she passed away. Her brother Wally coming to live with them and became a very big part of their lives and team flahs. Iris understands wjy her Dad did what he did. Letting her believe her Mom died rather than the truth...she left them because of her drug habbit. But all lf that is in the past now. <p>

The West family was extended when Barry Allen lost his parents and her dad being the amazing man he was adopted him. Barry soon became a best friend to Iris and the two grew up together and formed a close bond and relationship ( Iris for now unaware of his crush on her). And life, Iris felt was honestly is better with him in it. And yes she eventually found out his secret after she blogged about the Flash and made it her duty to get his name out there. In fact she did name him. But now she knows the truth about Barry and his abilities and is a firm part of Team Flash. <p>

Iris grew up happy and graduated college after studing psychology which she quite enjoyed. For a time she worked as a waitress in the local coffee shop jitters, and thats where she would often meet The Flash while she had no idea he was Barry.But her blog made her realise something...she needed to follow her dreams and so she did and bow she works as an investigative journalist at Central City Picture News and she loves it. She feels as if she has really found her calling. <p>

Iris unfortunately has not been overly lucky in love. Her hearts been broken quite severely. She fell in love with a amazing man called Eddie. He was a cop, ending up being my dad's partner, go figure right. They kept their relationship a secret from her father for a while, but eventually he found out and once use to it accepted it and tbem
Which was good as they fell in love got engaged. But a wedding never happened as Eddie was killed and eventually Iris moved on an realised the love of her life was right in front of her. It was Barry.<p>

While she hold no powers or meta human abilites the flash team at star labs are her family, her friends and she would do anything for them. She will protect them at all costs. And it's with them she has found a real place in the world helping them. Helping Barry to keep Central city a safer and better place. What the future has in store for her, for the others she don't know. But she does plan on being around for it and helping for as long as she can.<p>

Iris is a fun loving girl. She enjoys girls nights out with her friends and enjoys movie nights with pop corn at home with her Dad Barry and Wally. She is very family orientated, they mean the world to her. She is caring and kind and loyal and will do anything when it comes to her friends and family.<p>

Iris can have a stubborn streak too and once shes made up her mind about something its usally very hard to get her to change it. She is a smart woman and persists on thigs and doesnt always know when to give up or stop.<p>

She is a little guraded when it comes to love due to her massive loss when Eddie was killed and taken from her. Yet deep down she is an old fashioned romantic and would love nothing more to one day be swept off her feet and live in that fairy tale.<p>

She is hard working and ambitious and loves her job and wants to climb the career ladder as much as she can. She likes to succeed and wants to make a difference in the world and she will in her own way..

. </div>
<div class="ocesubs"> roleplay example</div>
<div class="ocecont">

Iris needed to keep busy. To keep her mind occupied so it wouldn't be filled with the facts a few short weeks ago Barry had been killed and taken from them all. Barry the guy who was her brother her family. Gone. And no part of Iris was ok with this. So she had thrown herself into her work as a journalist as Central City Picture News. <p>

She had been following guessed for the last few days. He had caught her interest after a series of events around town and like when she had blogged about The Flash before she knew it was Barry, she had taken a hightend interest in this new guy around the city.<p>

Iris has taken it into her own hands to follow him for the last few nights and each night she witnessed more, which did nothing but peak her interest more. Iris so far was always gone before he could realise she was following him, and she thought she was doing a good job at covering her tracks too....until now. Until tonight. Tonight it all changed. Tonight he caught her.<P>

Iris felt her breath catch in her throat as her dark eyes took everything in, before landing on him. She swallowed hard. Was she scared? Yes a little. Was she into deep? Maybe a little. But she knows she needs to see it through. She had come this far after all.<p>

The question that he asked her was simple enough. Yet for a few moments she couldn't find her voice. "who are you?"she asked "This city, it means a lot to me. Why are you helping it like you do? "she asked him. 

<div class="ocecreds">thanks <a href="">alyssa</a></div></div>  
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