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Caitlin Snow


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Sep 27 2017, 04:04 PM
Simple and fun game to be played in or out of Character. In character is more fun. Hehe.
Basically the person above you will list 3 names from the verses we play in or the ocs made for the site and you just say which you would Wed Bed or behead.
Then you list 3 more for the next person
See easy!!

I'll kick us off..

Alex Danvers // Thea Queen // Ronnie Raymond
Sep 17 2017, 05:56 PM
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Caitlin Snow//<br>
Doctor //<br>
Central City//<br>
Meta Human //<br>
Single //<br>
Team Flash//

</div></td><td style="width: 10px;"></td><td valign="top"><div class="oflove">

Caitlin Snow:<p> Smart intelligent Doctor for Team Flash. She also has Cryokinesis meta human abilities.
<h1>family and friends //</h1>
Caitlin is very loyal, trustworthy when it comes to those she considers friends and family.<p>
Team Flash are her family.<p>
Barry Allen <p>
Iris West <p>
Cisco Raymond <p>
The rest of Team Flash <p>
Team Arrow<p>
<h1>enemies //</h1>
As part of Team Flash Enemies in time will no doubt build up. Plus she is a meta human and that doesn't always bode well with others.<p>
Killer Frost<p>
<h1>lovers //</h1>
Caitlin gives her all in her relationships. She is loving and faithful and compleatly committee to who she is with.<p>
Ronnie Raymond: deceased husband.
Sep 17 2017, 05:44 PM

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<div class="ocebody">
<div class="oceimg"><img src=""></div>  
<div class="ocetitle">Caitlin Snow</div>
<div class="ocesubs"> 28 | Doctor | Danielle Panabaker | Dani</div>
<div class="ocecont">
Both of caitlins parents were doctors so she grew up with a love and passion for medical science. She wanted to and needed to know how things in the human body and brain worked and how to fix them. From a young age she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life and that was to become a doctor.<p>

That want and need was only heightened more when her father who had been suffering with multiple sclerosis passed away despite all her mothers best efforts to save him. Her mother then threw herself into her work leaving Caitlin pretty much alone.<P>

Caitlin worked and studied hard and followed in the family tradition and became a doctor. A neurosurgeon. Her mother offered her a job at Tannhauser Industries but Caitlin wanted to make a name for herself and decided to turn the offer down. Later on she was sought out and hired by Harrison Wells to work with in Star Labs. As he was looking for the best and she was the best in her field.<P>

It was there she met Cisco and also met and fell in love with Ronnie. The two of them got engaged and we're busy arranging their honeymoon when life took a bit of a change and the partical excellorator explode changing Ronnie's life forever and introducing Caitlin to Barry Allen where she looked after him and became a solid member of Team flash. <P>

But being part of Team Flash also came with a price of its own when she lost Ronnie leaving her heart broken and alone. But Caitlin picked up her broken heart and continued on with the support and love from her friends at star labs who she considers family. <P>

Things were going well for a while life was going back on track until Caitlin discovered she too was a meta human. She had the potential to be Killer Frost. A bad ass meta who could give Elsa a run for her money in the ' cold never bothered me anyway' department. Caitlin fights her evil alter ego in a daily basis not wanting to give into her frost Powers as she knew she knows in a different time on a different Earth those powers were used for no good. <P>

It's a constant and hard struggle not to give in and let killed frost take over. A fight Caitlin will battle for as long as she can with the help from her friends.<p>

Powers and Abilites:

Caitlin does have some technological skills a e even though they are not her main area of expertise she can still work her way around the star labs computer system.
Caitlin is an expert in medical care, she is a highly trained and skilled doctor and neurosurgeon. This therefore shows she is a vert smart and intelectual woman.<p>

Caitlin also has meta human abilites due to being caught up in the partical accelerators explosion shockwave at Star Labs. This altered her DNA like many others and her powers laid dormenet for some time before being discovered.<P>

Energy absorption/Cryokinesis: The nature behind Caitlin's powers is to absorb all existing heat around her, and reducing the temperature around her, to which she is able to freeze objects to temperatures well below negative 370 degrees. At tell-tale sign of her accessing her powers is producing icy mist from both of her hands. Caitlin can also create solid structures made of ice with ease.
Caitlin can also shoot these ice structures in rapid success. Caitlin also demonstrated that she could change the weather if needed creating ice and snow.
Caitlin can also create ice bridges that she can use to travel from one area of the city to another within a matter of seconds.
Caitlin can also heal a lottle faster than humans and has a high resistsnce to cold temperatures.
Freezing breath: Caitlin is able to create a fog with her breath. And she can turn a kiss deadly with it if she wanted too. <P>

As Killer Frost: thermokinetic cryokinesis. She is able to absorb heat and transmute it to extreme cold temperatures, which manifests in the generation of ice structures of various sizes and freezing gusts of wind
Caitlin is very intelligent and smart. She is highly academic and enjoys learning things and working to fix things and figure things out. She is also very passionate about her work as a bio-engineer, scientist, and as a doctor. She has sworn an oath to help and heal people and she takes that very seriously. She is generally a very compassionate and caring woman too and once you are in her inner circle she will do anything for you. She loved Ronnie Raymond very much. She really did fall in love hard and deeply with him, which in turn compleatly devastated her when he died.This sent her into a state of depression for almost a year, because of this she didn't smile much and the light and laugher had left her for quite some time
Yet there was a light at the end of that dark tunnel in the form of Team Flash and since being brought onto the team, working with Barry Allen, and forming close friendships woth Cisco and getting to work with the likes of Harrison Wells as well as helping people and saving lives, she has started to liven back up becoming more and more like her old happy kind caring self.<P>

. </div>
<div class="ocesubs"> roleplay example</div>
<div class="ocecont">

Caitlin Let out a sigh and ran a hand through her brown curls.  She was in the training room of Star labs. Dressed in black sweat pants sneakers and a star labs tee shirt she pulled the hair elastic off her wrist and shoved her hair up off her face and neck into a messy bun on top of her head.<p>

With her Killer Frost Powers becoming more and more powerful and more at the forefront of her mind she wanted to be more ready to deal with them. She tried to ignore it. To just be Caitlin but she knew there was only so long she coukd do that for. Sp she asked Barry for help. She wanted to train to learn how to control it to be in control or her abilities and not the other way around.<p>

Cisco had helped to make a necklace she coukd wear to help channel her powers. That helped.  But Caitlin knew she also had to be physically and mentally ready for Killer Frost and everything that went with it under control. So she began training a few weeks ago.  Slowly improving each day.<p>

Today they had been sparing. And Caitlin was tired but not ready to give up at all.  She was pushing herself so hard. She liked the distraction it gave her the focus it gave her.<p>

Her hand reached out to grab the water and she threw It in Barry's direction before reaching for her own and took a long swig. ok give me two minutes then let's do this again she said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand then looking over to Barry.<p>

She took in a few deep breaths to catch her breath then took anther long swig of water. She was a Determind young woman and knew she had to do this if she wanted to keep control over her powers and keep killer frost at bay. She needed to let her know she was the boss here. Caitlin wasn't going to lie she was finding it hard and she knew she still had a long way to go. Se was far from ready. But she knew with help from Barry and the others she would in time get there.<p>

Looking over to Barry she raised a eyebrow. summon my power at will...easier said then done Barry. Espically when my power is dangerous and can kill and distort things. I can't be, I won't be responsible for it getting out of hand and something bad happening to one of you guys and I
.. she was cut off as Barry sent the blot of lightning in her direction. <p>

It was so fast she didn't have time to think about it she just reached on her hand and let the ice blast take over as it blasted the blot and the surrounding area. Yeah she still had to work on reining it in a little. Her eyes when she did it flashed a ice white/blue and her hair started to turn white blonde but as soon as she stopped using her power both her eyes and hair went back to their original color.<p>

Caitlin looked around then to a Barry. The area of ice from her blast was a large one. Barry...are you ok? she asked moving over to him wanting to be sure the blast didn't get him and oblivious to the fact this had been  the most control she had had over her powers since they started.

<div class="ocecreds">thanks <a href="">alyssa</a></div></div>  
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